The Practical And Defensive SEcurity Conference (PADSEC) is an emerging community that aims to understand real-world security problems and their technical solutions. PADSEC is intended as a pop-up conference that pops-up at existing events. Not having a fixed venue will likely increase the diversity of attendees in the long run. This is important because we hope to connect problems that need solutions with solutions that need problems by providing a meeting point for people with different backgrounds.

We welcome contributions in the form of talks that are technical, defensive, and practical. You do not need a paper or be working towards one. The motivation of your work is most likely a real-world problem or an identifiable threat. The proposed solution, if any, should ideally not undermine other important system properties like performance, availability, ease of use, and compatibility.

You can attend as a presenter of a problem talk (without having a solution), a presenter of a full talk (by having a usable solution or analysis), or as an attendee that takes part in open-ended discussions. Attendance is not restricted to academics, engineers, etc. The list of topics that define our technical scope is defined separately for each CFP, see events.


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